Vehicle Utilization

Achieve substantial fuel efficiency gains by tracking excessive idling across your fleet.
Massive cost savings
Reduce fuel usage and increase engine life by minimizing idle time.
Coach and reward
Coach drivers who are idling excessively and reward drivers who follow policy.
Discover utilization trends
Compare vehicle utilization rates across terminal or driver groups to reveal trends and unlock more opportunities.

Automate idle tracking

Excessive idling is recorded automatically by the KeepTruckin ELD. View idling and utilization rates in the Dashboard for your entire fleet, or break it down by vehicle, driver or terminal groups.

Run detailed utilization reports

Rank drivers by utilization rate to identify who need coaching and sort events to spot irregular idling.

Frequently asked questions

When a vehicle is stationary with the engine running for over 10 seconds we track an idling event.
KeepTruckin tracks start time, duration, location, and fuel consumed.
You can get idling summary reports for the whole fleet, or broken out by group.
Idling time that is ended by the engine being turned off is assigned to the driver that last used the vehicle. Idling time that is ended by the vehicle moving is assigned to the driver that moved the vehicle.
We plan to build support for PTO usage in the future.

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