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Facility Insights

Streamline your scheduling with detailed warehouse information
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Overhead view of shippers warehouse
Keep your fleet moving
Schedule your truck arrival windows to reduce detention time.
Make smart load decisions
Know exactly what to expect before accepting a load and plan accordingly.
Learn from our network
Access tips and reviews from other drivers on the KeepTruckin platform.

Minimize your truck wait times

Enter a warehouse address to view the average truck dwell times, by hour of arrival. Optimize your pickup and dropoff times to keep your trucks moving.

Dashboard view showing avg dwell time Dashboard view showing avg dwell time

Work with preferred shippers

Establish relationships and build a network of trusted shippers who run efficient warehouses to help you save time.

A carrier review A carrier review

Frequently asked questions

No, Facility Insights will be included with all Starter and Plus plans.
We anonymize and aggregate all information and do not use an individual fleet's location information in an identifiable way. We only show a facility in the tool if it has activity from five unique carriers and multiple unique visits.
Yes. Any carrier that does not want to have their data included in Facility Insights can easily opt out by sending an email to their dedicated Customer Success Manager or by contacting
We use anonymized and aggregated data from all for-hire fleets on the KeepTruckin network to analyze dwell times by hour of arrival for warehouses that have at least five unique carriers operating in that facility. Shippers cannot opt out, but exclusive carrier-shipper relationships are held private and not displayed in the tool.

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