Driver Workflow

Simplify dispatch operations with one app for your drivers.
Instant communication
Dispatch information is automatically delivered to your drivers' phone as soon as you assign a dispatch.
Dispatch the right assets
Pick the ideal driver for any load with location tracking, and hours of service information.
Open API
KeepTruckin's Open API allows you to seamlessly integrate with any dispatch solution you use.

Customize forms to suit your process

Create forms that align with your fleet's processes to minimize staff training.

Easy to use workflow

Drivers complete dispatches using an intuitive step-by-step interface, so they never miss a stop.

Instant Messaging

Send messages to your drivers through your dispatch software. Drivers will receive all messages on their KeepTruckin app.

Assisted form completion

Tasks are automatically completed when drivers enter a stop location, ensuring minimal driver intrusion.

Frequently asked questions

HOS and locations are available within your TMS. This can be used to easily match loads with the closest driver with the required remaining hours.
Drivers receive full load information including addresses, pick up windows, cargo details, and special instructions.
Dispatchers can easily set required forms for each stop. The KeepTruckin App will help complete forms with known data, such as geofenced arrival and departure times.
Drivers are notified of dispatch updates or cancellations immediately.
Drivers use the KeepTruckin Messaging tool they're already familiar with. Locations and photos can be shared with a single click. No phone calls, texts, or faxes necessary.

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