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When your fleet is scattered across the country, paper logs present DOT compliance challenges.

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"We use KeepTruckin for everything: ifta, gps tracking, hos logs, and even vehicle maintenance."

Key Points
  • Eliminated HOS violations
  • Simplifies IFTA reporting
  • Widespread e-log adoption by drivers

"It's horrendously difficult to maintain a DOT compliant record when your drivers are on paper logs. Period." That's how Kari Gibb, Senior Operations Manager, described why Trade Star switched from paper logs to KeepTruckin. To understand how Kari ended up going with KeepTruckin, let's rewind to the beginning of 2014.

Manual log auditing

Headquartered in Saint George, Utah, Trade Star's 196 drivers are spread out over several states: Montana, North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Texas. This typically isn't an issue for fleets, but Trade Star's drivers recorded their logs on paper.

In order to audit his drivers' paper logs, Kari would wait until they swung by Saint George, UT to drop them off. Then, Kari would manually audit each of them — checking each log one by one for Form & Manner errors or Hours of Service (HOS) violations. The distance his drivers traveled, coupled with the slow audit process, meant many of the logs had errors. Lots of errors.

Kari had evaluated electronic logs throughout his career, but always came away empty handed. Some systems seemed perfect, but the price tag made him think the company might have added a few too many zeros in the price tag. Others were affordable, but looked like their software hadn't been updated since the early 1990s, or didn't meet the needs of an oil hauling carrier like Trade Star.

"We're using KeepTruckin for everything: IFTA, GPS tracking, HOS logs, and even vehicle maintenance."
Kari Gibb
Streamlined operations

"When I found KeepTruckin, I pinched myself because I thought I was dreaming. It blew everything else we looked at right out of the water." Kari loved that KeepTruckin incorporated the HOS rules and exemptions specific to fleets hauling oil, like Trade Star, and that it didn't cost him an arm and a leg. It was also incredibly user friendly, making it popular among his drivers. Kari appreciated that KeepTruckin offered far more than HOS logs and DOT compliance."

Automatic log auditing at the home terminal

The ability to audit driver logs remotely allowed Kari to have much greater oversight over his fleet than he could have ever imagined. "Even if my drivers are not 100% familiar with the HOS rules, KeepTruckin is. So using KeepTruckin is as if I was sitting next to my drivers instructing them when to pull over."

Roadside inspections have been perfect since Trade Star started using KeepTruckin. They've been so perfect that the FMCSA told Kari that they wouldn't need to do a company wide audit this round because of the strong shape his driver logs are in.

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