Chris Frank and Allan Green from Precision Drilling sit down with KeepTruckin.

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"KeepTruckin saves our drivers time with hours of service — logs are completed 50% faster versus paper."

Key Points
  • Reduced paperwork overhead
  • Increased visibility into drivers
  • Streamlined operations through real-time information

Precision Drilling started out with KeepTruckin in late 2014. Since then, the company has been able to reduce its paperwork overhead, increase visibility into drivers, and streamline operations through real-time information.

How does KeepTruckin help you with compliance?

"From a regulation standpoint, we see our HOS compliance as very high, but the app really helps us reduce form and manner errors. Our employees are rig workers on location for up to a month, and they then drive a short distance to the next job. If a guy forgets something in his log, KeepTruckin flags the issue, and he can fix it. KeepTruckin makes the log process easier by flagging issues for them."

"KeepTruckin saves our drivers time with hours of service — logs are completed over 50% faster versus paper."
Allan Green
What is the most stressful part of your job that KeepTruckin helps with?

"The number one stress KeepTruckin helps with is reducing the bulk of paperwork. With paper logs, you have to keep an inventory of forms, have guys fill them out, have them sent in, and track them for each day, as per regulation."

How has your fleet's operations changed since using KeepTruckin?

"We've improved our audit process. With current activity, we have about 400 drivers and only 50 of them still use paper. The audit process takes longer on those 50 guys than it does for the other 350 who use KeepTruckin. Not to mention the amount of paperwork we reduced."

"Also, visibility into our drivers with real-time information has been huge. If, for example, a driver has issues, we can be on their case right away. Previously it was 2-weeks at best, and often longer. The real-time data we're able to see has been tremendous."

What feature do you rely on most?

"The biggest win has been the Groups feature, as it helps us delegate responsibility to sub-teams. Field Supervisors are responsible for 8-20 rigs, and Operations Managers are responsible for Supervisors. Groups gives us flexibility to delegate to the person who needs to follow-up with drivers."

How does KeepTruckin help you grow your business?

"It's given us more transparent info. The app reduced how much time we were spending handling paper, and we're using this time to improve processes, such as comparing payroll time with logs. Our drivers have more time to be productive on the job with the time saved from paper logs."

How has your interaction with customer support been?

"In all honesty, fantastic. From my perspective, the customer support is impressive compared to any type of IT-based company I've ever worked with — business or personal. From the moment we got setup on KeepTruckin, our account manager proactively called us to help. We have fun with our account manager, and have been really pleased."

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