Kansas City Limousine, LLC

Kansas City Limousine, LLC is a leader in premiere private passenger transportation. When the ELD mandate was released, they did extensive research and discovered that some of their vehicles needed to comply.

Kansas City, MO
Fleet Size
Private Passenger

"It was obvious KeepTruckin's customer service and communication was phenomenal."

Key Points
  • Their drivers found it first
  • Love the ease of use
  • Support is "outstanding"
How they discovered KeepTruckin

Some of KCL, LLC's drivers had previously been using the free KeepTruckin Logbook app to replace their paper log books. It was this group of drivers that told Jerry Albert, General Manager at KCL, LLC that he should take a look at KeepTruckin.

Why they chose KeepTruckin

"Right from the start, it was obvious KeepTruckin's customer service and communication was phenomenal. The other companies just didn't seem as on top of it," said Jerry.

Another key factor in the decision was KeepTruckin's simplicity and minimal learning curve.

A simple install and set up

Here's what Jerry had to say about getting started with KeepTruckin:

"The installation and set up process is quick and easy. Everything worked correctly from the very start and it was a really smooth transition."
Advice for others evaluating ELDs

"Look for exceptional customer service and driver ease-of-use. Once you narrow down the options, put a few in your vehicles and test them out to make sure the provider can back up their promises" said Jerry

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