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Flying Star Transport has proactively adopted technology as a way to power it's excellence, including adopting ELDs 15 years ago. But, in the last 15 years, much has changed.

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"We've needed a new smart, energetic partner in this industry for awhile and I feel like we finally have that with KeepTruckin"

Key Points
  • "The ease-of-use is incredible"
  • The dashboard blew them away
  • Training drivers has become simple

The proprietary environment of Flying Star's former ELD provider started to restrict their opportunities to integrate and innovate operations. This, combined with the fact the hardware was becoming out of date and required a large investment to replace, led Flying Star to evaluate the market's current offerings.

"We felt like we were teaching trucking."

Here's what John Lutz, VP of Sales and Marketing, had to say about what he found in the ELD market:

"A lot of solutions look great to somebody who has never used an ELD, but having used an ELD for 15 years, we could poke holes in them pretty quick. Many of the solutions we looked at lacked product maturity when you dug beyond the surface. We felt like we were teaching trucking to some of the vendors."

When the results were underwhelming, John had recalled Google had invested in an ELD solution called KeepTruckin a couple of years ago and decided to check it out.

KeepTruckin was a surprise
"Our first impression was a bit of surprise to find people this excited about ELDs. It's refreshing to find so many smart, energetic people genuinely excited by developing a great ELD,"
-John Lutz

"The KeepTruckin Dashboard blew us away. It had a modern, clean, intuitive feel that was refreshing compared to the other solutions we evaluated, which felt like they hadn't been updated since the 90s," said Kip Green, Project and Information Technology Manager at Flying Star.

"The ease-of-use is incredible."

Another striking difference that Flying Star noticed with KeepTruckin was in the driver experience.

"The ease-of-use is incredible. The targets that appear when the driver downloads and uses the app are like a built in trainer. The combination of familiar technology and an intuitive app experience makes training drivers a really simple process," said Kip Green.

How would you describe your experience with KeepTruckin?

"The ELD industry has always been dominated by the usual suspects, legacy companies featuring proprietary, outdated technology. We've needed a new smart, energetic partner in this industry for awhile and I feel like we finally have that with KeepTruckin. They're young, smart, innovative, and we're delighted to have them as a partner," said John Lutz.

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