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DDI Transportation uses a combination of company drivers and owner-operators. They had been using a well known on-board computer with their company drivers for years. When the ELD mandate was announced, they knew a decision was approaching: Expand the existing provider's ELD option to their owner-operators or see what else the market had to offer?

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"There was some resistance at first, but once they gave KeepTruckin a chance, it was a very positive response."

Key Points
  • Saved time for the back office
  • Improved dispatch visibility
  • Drivers love the simplicity
Their owner-operators were one step ahead

According to Safety & Compliance Manager Rick Roache, "Some of our owner-operators started emailing me their logs from the KeepTruckin app shortly after the mandate was announced. That was how we heard about KeepTruckin. After doing a little research, it became obvious KeepTruckin was the way to go."

While DDI's owner-operators brought KeepTruckin to their attention, not all were enthusiastic about the change.

"There was some resistance at first, but once they gave KeepTruckin a chance, it was a very positive response," said Rick.

40 years of paper logs, never looking back

Rick recounted a story about a driver who's been driving for 40 years and uses a flip phone. The driver agreed to give KeepTruckin a shot, but said he would be leaving trucking if it didn't work out. Rick took the driver to Best Buy to get a tablet and launched KeepTruckin. He absolutely loved it. He couldn't get over how much of an improvement it was over paper. The fact that a driver with 40 years of paper logs under his belt and zero experience with a tablet or smartphone can instantly figure out how to use KeepTruckin speaks volumes about the ease of use.

KeepTruckin has been a hit beyond hours of service

DDI has been able to simplify the IFTA reporting process with KeepTruckin. Their owner-operators no longer have to fill paper mileage sheets, saving valuable time. DDI is also loving the more accurate IFTA data and now feels confident in the event of an audit.

Additionally, DDI can easily send their owner-operators fault codes, saving them money by avoiding the need to take their trucks to the shop for diagnostics.

The back office staff went nuts
"When our dispatchers saw the KeepTruckin location tracking they went nuts. Finding current and past driver locations was much easier. This eliminated countless phone calls between dispatch and drivers,"
- Rick Roache

Another favorite of the back office is the ability to click on a driver profile and see the remaining drive time, break requirements, and 14 and 70-hour clocks in a visually appealing format. There's no math required like their legacy AOBRD provider, making this a big time-saver.

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