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When selecting an ELD, it was important to ARL Transport to choose a solution their 450 owner-operators would enjoy using. That's why IT Director Tom Lioi and Logs and IFTA Professional Ben Bonasso started the process by asking their owner-operators what they wanted out of a solution.

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"My owner-operators were so happy that we went with the KeepTruckin ELD."

Key Points
  • Support is a "breath of fresh air"
  • Owner-operators love it
  • A customer-centric roadmap
Owner-operators love KeepTruckin

The answer was overwhelmingly ease-of-use. In fact, many said they were already using the free KeepTruckin elog application for this very reason. This caused ARL Transport to take a closer look at KeepTruckin, a company they knew little about.

KeepTruckin was a perfect match

The ease-of-use and simplicity of KeepTruckin were exactly what ARL Transport was looking for. The drivers love it and training has never been easier.

"Ben Bonasso and I found it critical to deliver to our drivers from both the log compliance standpoint and the tech standpoint. The ease-of-use of KeepTruckin really simplified the training of our drivers on both aspects"
- Tom Lioi
The customer service is a "breath of fresh air"

"Superior customer service is ARL Transport's calling card, and KeepTruckin's customer support met their high standards. After working with another ELD provider in the past who failed to return support calls, Tom Lioi described KeepTruckin's support as a "breath of fresh air."

A great implementation partner

"KeepTruckin was a great partner in our implementation. They even called me back to make sure that everything was working, which is a huge difference from what we had been dealing with from our last vendor. My owner-operators were so happy that we went with the KeepTruckin ELD," said Tom Lioi.

A customer-centric roadmap

Another area that ARL Transport has been impressed with KeepTruckin is the company's rapid and customer-centric engineering roadmap.

"If it's not in KeepTruckin, they're listening and willing to make changes. Several of our ideas have already been implemented." said Tom Lioi.

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